Bolts & Hose Oilfield Proud

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Navy Blue
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      This shirt is inspired by a true story:

      Flying is not our favorate form of travel, but while waiting in line for our boarding group and waiting for the executive, executive platnum, executive three-star platnum, diamond club, first class, premier class, business class to board we had the pleasure of waiting in line, surrounded by America's Youth.  

      and there is was... a jean jacket with THE BUTTONS.  No drilling/No Frac/No Oil... now we weren't boarding a plane with solar panels on the wings and there didn't appear to be a wind turbine strapped to the top.  At that moment we needed the opportunity to stand square to this 120 lbs granola-eating shit stain and be the physical reminder that we are here and we are proud of what we do.  We're not invisible and you're BUTTON doesn't mean shit to us and we're proud of bringing energy to America.

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    • Variant: Small / Black