Elfwerks Shop Visit

Posted on July 07 2016

Elfwerks Shop Visit

We love road trips whether it’s in the cage or on the bikes.  The best trips are when the destinations takes us to see the incredible work being done by truly talented, hardworking people.  Bolts & Hose headed out to see our friend- the man, the myth, and legend a.k.a.  Ben a.k.a. Elfwerks.  The trip got off to a rocky start with some bad gas station hotdog decisions and having to suffer through a certain person’s (who will remain unnamed) questionable iPod playlist.

In this case, it was the destination and not the trip that mattered as we got to see the Elfwerks shop… and as an added bonus his awesome wife made quite possibly the best spinach dip EVER and cupcakes with THREE kinds of chocolate!  

At first glance, you see a typical home and garage filled with Elfwerks pieces, but it’s in the details that his true talent comes out.  Each piece subtly and amazingly takes discarded material and re-purposes them as if they had always belonged in that piece.  The true craftsmanship is how effortlessly he integrates everything into his creations. You can look at his art for quite some time and keep discovering new details.

Bolts & Hose visit to Elfwerks' Shop

His shop/converted garage is piled high with metal waiting to be turned into art. We were treated to a preview of his Mantis Custom Project and it’s great to actually hear a craftsmen talk about a project and get a sense for the care and enthusiasm that goes into each piece. 

Mantis custom piece by Elfwerks

If you’re in the market for some one-of-a-kind art, we recommend you check out http://elfwerks.storenvy.com/ and follow him on Instagram and Facebook (@elfwerks).  

If you're doing great work that the world needs to know about, send us an invite- have wheels/will travel (Boltsnhose@gmail.com)


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